Antti Haase (b. 1972) grew up in the neighborhood of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, right on the Arctic Circle. In the late 1990s, he studied and worked in Australian film industry and received Film Australia Documentary Award for his AFTRS graduation documentary Clown Doctors (2000). After migrating back to Finland Antti has directed several documentary films set in Lapland. He has also explored the possibilities of documentary in interactive art form with Portrait of Elli (2009), which won the Main Prize at Luleå International Art Biennial. Monsterman (2014), a film about the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, won the Main Prize for documentary films at Austin Film Festival and the Finnish State Quality Award. The film was in the top 10 of Finnish films with the most international festival screenings in 2016. The Illuminators (2017) is a family story about Antti’s grandfather Gunnar Haase, who became “the father of light” to Lapland after introducing electricity to the region. Antti lives with his family in an old frontier man’s house on the riverbank of Tornio river.